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Payment Methods


我们通过 SSL 加密确保安全支付。

您可以将 PayPal、信用卡、借记卡或银行帐户连接到 PayPal 来购买产品。 提交订单后,您将被重定向至 PayPal 以完成交易。

*即使您没有 PayPal 帐户,请在结帐页面仍然选择 PayPal 并单击完成订单按钮。 然后,您将被引导至可访问 PayPal 和借记卡/信用卡付款的页面(对于后一个选项,您无需注册 PayPal)。

2. 如何在PayPal上使用信用卡和借记卡付款方式付款?

通过 PayPal 上的信用卡付款。 如下步骤:

步骤 1. 选择 PayPal 进行付款,然后点击“完成订单”。


步骤 3. 填写您的信用卡信息并完成订单。

2. 如果我下订单时信用卡被拒绝,我该怎么办?

如果您使用信用卡付款,结帐时我们的系统可能会拒绝您的付款,以避免可能的信用卡欺诈。 您可以联系您的信用卡公司并告知他们您的购买情况,以便再次下订单时不会被拒绝。 如果您尚未购买,在购买前致电您的信用卡公司或银行也可以防止被拒绝。

还有其他 2 个解决方案适合您。

1. 如果您有PayPal账户,请尝试使用PayPal付款。

2. 请尝试使用其他信用卡/借记卡付款。


1: PayPal Payment

We ensure secure payment with SSL encryption.

You can connect your PayPal, credit card, debit card or bank account to PayPal for purchasing products. After submitting an order, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction.

*Even if you don't have a PayPal account, please select PayPal still at the checkout page & click the complete order button. Then you'll be directed to a page with access to both PayPal and Debit/Credit card payment (for the latter option, you don't have to register for PayPal).

2. How to pay with credit and debit card payment methods on PayPal?

Pay by credit card on PayPal. As following steps: 

Step 1. Select PayPal for payment and click complete order.


Step 2. Click on "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".

*If you can't find this option on your phone, please continue to pay using your computer.

Step 3. Fill in your credit card info and complete your order.

2. What should I do if my credit card is refused when I place an order? 

If you pay by credit card, your payment may be refused by our system at checkout to avoid possible credit card fraud. You can contact your credit card company and let them know about your purchase so that placing the order again will not be refused. If you have not yet purchased, calling your credit card company or bank before the purchase can also prevent a refusal.

There are other 2 other solutions for you.

1. If you have a PayPal account, try to pay with PayPal.

2. Please try to pay with your other Credit/Debit cards.